We're all adults here.


Coworking? Isn’t that the cool new thing that all the kids are doing? Maybe. But here at Ampersand, we’re kind of over being cool. We don’t need rollerblading in the hallways and a kegerator in the kitchen. We just need a professional, congenial environment in which we can work hard and get sh*t done. And if the space happens to look cool and have a 2,000 square foot roof deck, all the better.


Ampersand offers a variety of membership levels–from private offices to day passes–to accommodate freelancers, startups and established firms alike. A few hours or every day of the week, we are here to give you the best office possible; we’ll worry about the copy paper and WiFi passwords while you do the important stuff.


Drop in, have a steady desk, a private office, or use our conference room–choose what’s right for you!