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: A solo exhibition by JOHANNA WINTER HARPER

Curator Laura Ellsworth brings emerging Chicago artists to our space in bi-monthly exhibitions.

Ampersand Cowork is very pleased to present COMMON AREAS AT THE HEART: A solo exhibition by Johanna Winter Harper. Continuing our series of supporting local emerging artists, COMMON AREAS OF THE HEART opens Saturday, January 12 from 5:00 - 8:00pm.

The show features Lincoln Square artist Johanna Winter Harper and a collection of her new works on paper. Titled "Common Areas at the Heart", Harper explores the tension between what it is we desire–for our lives our countries, our children, our politics–and our daily experiences. This may be stressful, humorous, financially ruinous, marvelous, depressing, or fear-inducing, but as with the current climate, painting can hold all of these things in concert.

The many forms and motifs in Harper's work are amalgams of the lived in and longed for. They mix and jumble the tiny angles, the odd corners, and the glanced-over objects found in these spaces. The artist uses a combination of remembered, present, and imagined, places–sometimes confusing–and infusing the work with a longing for the known and understood.

On display at Ampersand now through March 9th. Gallery day on February 2 and March 9th from 3pm-6pm each day.

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