Call dibs on a desk.

• $395/month •

A dedicated desk in our open-plan, private back area means you’ve got a place of your own. Decorate that desk, lock up your files, and work whenever you need to. If you have a partner or team member, you can reserve more than one dedicated desk.

A dedicated desk at Ampersand supports your efforts to separate work from home. You’ve got a permanent spot to build your business or work remotely surrounded by equally motivated, focused adults doing their thing. Camaraderie and connection are good for you and your business. Need some real quiet? Pop into one of the private phone booths. When clients or colleagues stop by, grab them a cup of coffee and use the conference room OR have a meeting on the deck under a pergola. It’s way more impressive than your dining room table. Trust us.

Ampersand lets you share the amenities of an office space like wifi, printers and kitchen facilities (and the costs!) without a lease or a major investment of capital. Plus, people who cowork are some of the best people out there.

24/7 access

Conference room time is included in your membership.

Sit-stand desk, each with ergonomic chair and lockable file cabinet

Mail services



Rooftop communal work tables

Breakout area

Bike parking

Phone booths

All this awesome for just $395/month. Interested?

Want all this but more personal space at Ampersand? Check out our private offices.

Drop in, have a steady desk, a private office, or use our conference room–choose what’s right for you!