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Ice Bash Party!

Join 35 other bold adventurers on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Cultures worldwide have used ice baths for thousands of years to keep the mind calm while making the body healthy and strong. There is great power in strategically harnessing the energy and experience of the cold.

Warm up with guided breath and movements by master trainer, Brian Hinkle. Then spend 90 exhilarating seconds in the ice. When you’re finished, you’ll be alert, sharp and energized.

NO shivering at this party; to heat back up, that body is gonna need to move! We’ll pump the music and guide some flows or just do your own movement thang. Freestyle is encouraged!

Come celebrate your body and your life! Find joy and freedom at this first ever ICE BATH DISCO RAGER!


This will be a communal experience. You’ll be in a small pool with other people. Yippee!! Community is another essential human need and this adds to your experience and provides support as you face discomfort together.

The breath work and ice bath are both high intensity experiences for your body. You should only attempt this challenge if you feel you are in good physical health. You will also be responsible for getting into and out of a low pool on the ground. Please consider these requirements before purchasing your event ticket.

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Drop in, have a steady desk, a private office, or use our conference room–choose what’s right for you!