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Closing Reception: "Eat Your Heart Out: A delicious new body of work by Stina Joy Henslee"

Stina Henslee's latest body of work is an ode to the artist's love/hate relationship with food, something she says she has struggled with for most of her life. She writes, "My family lives to eat. Food is how we celebrate, but also how we drown sorrows and frustrations. Food is everywhere, and unavoidable, both literally and figuratively. No one can live without it. Food is at once beautiful, delicious, and emotional. For many of us, it's also all too easy to come by. Ours is a culture of consumption, but one with a mixed message delivered daily: indulge yourself - you deserve it (but only to an acceptable point)."

Throughout these pieces, Henlsee weaves themes of gluttony, labor, passion and waste contrasted with humorous anthropological creatures to portray her personal ruminations on the subject of food in today's society. These works continue the long history of food art, with acknowledgments to Arcimboldo, Maryk Ryden and Peregrin Honig for their inspiration.

Stina Henslee is a Chicago based artist and designer. She spent 1999 in Helsinki attending a fine arts school, and continued her arts education at Washington University in St. Louis where she graduated with a trifecta of impractical degrees: Printmaking, German, and Art History. As an artist, she continues to unlearn what she was taught; namely that all art should be conceptual, political, and

Opening reception: Saturday April 6 5:00 - 8:00 pm
Gallery hours: Saturday May 15 3:00 - 6:00 pm
Closing reception: Saturday June 15 3:00 - 6:00 pm

Earlier Event: June 14
Ladies* of Logan Square
Later Event: June 18
Moonlight Yoga

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