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Drink & Think : Sales

Ampersand presents Drink & Think, a free networking event to bring people together and learn something new! Join us for what will undoubtedly be the most laid-back networking event you've ever attended, and help us kick off Chicago's roof deck and patio season with some drinks and stimulating conversation. There will be wine, beer, and snacks, and most importantly, we'll be enjoying those drinks and snacks OUTDOORS. Hard to imagine after all these MONTHS of cold, right?

Before the mingling, we are excited for Angie Wing to give a presentation and sales training. You can read more about Angie right here. Here's what you can expect from Angie's presentation:

I spent ten years selling tens of millions of dollars in medical technology in the US and throughout Europe. The path to my career success was laid out in front of me, and if I played my cards right, I was headed for the top. But deep down something was just missing. I dreamt of having the freedom to live life on my own terms, to travel and have big adventures while creating my own empire (sound familiar, anyone?).

About a year ago, I decided to finally make the jump into full-time entrepreneurism and I’ve been teaching sales to entrepreneurs and small business owners ever since.

In working with so many entrepreneurs around the world and I've learned that they have a few things in common:

  • They want the freedom to live and work on their own terms, and they value this freedom above all else!

  • They love their work and (if they had a choice) they would just focus on what they love and never have to think about selling or getting new customers

  • Most of them HATE the idea of sales (but they realize that it’s a crucial missing ingredient in their business)

I firmly believe that sales should never feel pushy or aggressive, and I’m super passionate about teaching people how to sell in a way that feels good and is authentically aligned with who you are and what matters to you. In my workshop, I’ll teach you the principles of what I call “the New Sales” and I’ll provide 1:1 coaching to help you apply the principles to your individual business.

Come ready with your questions and unique challenges, I’ll be looking for volunteers to take the hot seat!

Drop in, have a steady desk, a private office, or use our conference room–choose what’s right for you!