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Larks Head: A solo exhibition by Sonya Lee Benham

Ampersand Cowork is very pleased to present LARKS HEAD: A solo exhibition by Sonya Benham. Continuing our series of supporting local emerging artists, LARKS HEAD opens Friday, June 15 from 6:00 - 9:00pm. 

LARKS HEAD, Benham's premier solo exhibition in Chicago, brings together the traditional craft of weaving with contemporary design. The artist's use of natural fibers and wood paired with modern built structures results in unique pieces that bridge art and craft. 

After the opening reception on June 15, gallery hours will be held in July and August, and artwork can be viewed during business hours of Ampersand Cowork.

For viewing by appointment and other art inquiries, contact the curator at

Drop in, have a steady desk, a private office, or use our conference room–choose what’s right for you!